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Cava Aragonesa - Bar with pintxos of La Cava Aragonesa in Benidorm.

La Cava Aragonesa

An establishment famed in Benidorm for its Yescas, Catalan-style toasted bread with virgin olive oil and tomato, served in more than 100 varieties with cured meats, cheeses, salted fish, smoked produce. A place which is simply not to be missed in this outstanding town.

Asia Gardens - Terrace of the Restaurant In Black in Benidorm.

In Black Restaurant

A restaurant in Benidorm serving signature cuisine featuring a delightful range of aromas and flavours, using the finest ingredients to achieve the ultimate taste in every mouthful, along with painstaking presentation. Find out for yourself.

Abahana Villas - Restaurante Oustau sunroom in Altea.


One of the most elegant and sophisticated restaurants on the Costa Blanca. Set in a building more than 200 years old, it has an intoxicatingly Mediterranean atmosphere full of colour, aromas and luminosity which, combined with its outstanding professional staff, will make a soirée here the very best way to round off a visit to the old part of the beautiful town of Altea.

L'Olleta - Table next to the sea in the restaurant L'Olleta in Altea.

Restaurant L'Olleta

A wonderful seaside restaurant where diners can enjoy the mild climate and spectacular views of the whole bay of Altea from a magnificent terrace. The menu covers a spectrum of Mediterranean cuisine, with fish, seafood, meat and rice dishes of the finest quality, accompanied by an extensive wine list.

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