Restaurant Puerto Blanco

Puerto Blanco, located in a charming corner alongside the marina of the same name, serves up highly original cuisine while tastefully respecting traditions and using first-rate produce.

Puerto Blanco - Terrace of the restaurant Puerto Blanco in Calpe.

Puerto Blanco - Terrace of the restaurant Puerto Blanco in Calpe.

Located close to the Puerto Blanco marina, this restaurant in Calpe offers a well-tended setting alongside the beach and an extensive menu covering a wide culinary range which changes with the seasons. The variety, quality, presentation and freshness of its dishes are intended to satisfy the most demanding palates, serving up menus designed for every occasion and every taste, to be enjoyed either in the dining rooms or on the delightful terrace with its pond and exotic plants, creating a relaxed and tranquil ambience.

Fresh and innovative, it serves up traditional dishes with its own hallmark. For those who enjoy elaborate and painstaking cuisine, they will instantly be won over by the concepts served up by a professional, friendly and discreet team, the quality and presentation of the dishes reflecting the experience of the maitre d' and chef, Maria Grazia and Patrick Manquette. Unquestionably a restaurant which will make for an unforgettable experience.

Price 30-40€
Opening hours MON-FRI 19:00:00-23:00h, SAT-SUN 13:00-15:00h, 19:00:00-23:00 h
Telephone 96 583 09 77
Address URB. LA CANUTA BAJA, 35b. 03710 CALPE

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