Restaurant L'Olleta: A magic corner in Altea by the sea

A wonderful seaside restaurant where diners can enjoy the mild climate and spectacular views of the whole bay of Altea from a magnificent terrace. The menu covers a spectrum of Mediterranean cuisine, with fish, seafood, meat and rice dishes of the finest quality, accompanied by an extensive wine list.

Altea is the quintessential, emblematic and timeless Mediterranean town. In one of its most beautiful districts, L'Olla, overlooking the waves and nestled amid the pine trees and bell towers, is the L'Olleta Restaurant.

Founded in 2006, it has since then been serving up a blend of sensitivity, gastronomy and artistic creativity.

It enjoys unrivalled views of the uplands of Albir to the south, Morro Toix and the Peñón de Ifach in Calpe to the east, and Bernia to the north, views to be enjoyed while savouring a few tapas, an original lobster salad, fish or one of the unmissable rice dishes, washed down with outstanding wines which will make any meal an unforgettable pleasure.

The finest Mediterranean cuisine with the sea urchins the star attraction when in season.

L'Olleta is more than a restaurant: it is an institution for lovers of the sea, for those who see beyond the blueness more than a landscape, and who revel in all the coast has to offer aside from sunshine and light. Because of course on a summer's night the climate can also be enjoyed from the terrace while sipping a drink into the early hours, with live music in the background.

Price 35-40 €
Opening hours MON-SUN 13:00-16:00h
Telephone 96 688 05 44
Address URB.VILLA GADEA, 7 03590 ALTEA