Restaurant La Perla Restaurant of Jávea: Aromas and flavors with a fixed gaze on the sea.

In a privileged setting in the Bay of Jávea, Antonio and Loli opened this delightful and cosy restaurant, which also offers unrivalled views of Montgó and San Antonio Cape.

La Perla de Jávea - Views from inside the La Perla de Jávea restaurant.

La Perla de Jávea - Views from inside the La Perla de Jávea restaurant.

"La Perla", in the beautiful town of Jávea, is now run by their children, Alejandro and Vicky front of house, Sergio and Sonia in the kitchen, with a dedication to simplicity and first-class ingredients to produce Mediterranean cuisine based on the famous rice dishes which share centre-stage with fresh fish from the market and different meats from across Spain.

All the dishes produced at "La Perla" in Jávea are based on produce of the finest quality, always handled in a simple, traditional manner, from the range of paellas (mixed, chicken and rabbit, vegetable or seafood) to the noodle fideuás and creamy "arroz meloso" rice, with baby cuttlefish, monkfish and artichokes, lobster or cuttlefish, prawns and garlic shoots, all with the perfect al dente texture, the ideal counterpoint to the creaminess and the famously crispy "socarrat" beneath.

A beachside restaurant always eager to delight diners with its finest recipes and know-how.

Price  30 € / 50 €
Opening hours MON-SUN 13:00-16:00h / 19: 00-23: 00h
Telephone  (+34) 96647 07 72
Address  AVDA.LIBERTAD, 21. 03730 JÁVEA
Website  IR A WEB

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