Festivals and fairs

del 21-jun-2020 al 24-jun-2020
Abahana Villas - Old Town with l'Arbret in Altea.

The l’Arbret Altea Festival

The neighbourhood of Fornet de Altea welcomes hundreds of young people who are keen to participate in one of the most ancestral and anticipated events that are held to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice and the fecundation of the earth that it brings.

del 23-ago-2020 al 08-sep-2020
Abahana Villas - Festivities of Loreto in Javea.

The Loreto Festivities in Jávea

Seven young couples, the so-called "Mayorales" and "Mayoralesas", are the protagonists of the "Mare de Déu de Loreto" festivities in Jávea. Bedecked in lavish attire, the girls in bridal white, the boys in elegant suits and ties, for a few days they are genuine kings and queens.

del 15-jun-2020 al 24-jun-2020
Abahana Villas - Bonfire on the beach of San Juan in Alicante.

The Bonfires of San Juan

The Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante, which coincide with the summer solstice on the 24th of June, are without doubt the best known of all the festivities that are held in this town. Internationally famous, not for nothing have they been declared a "Festival of International Tourist Interest", and each year they attract thousands of people from every corner of the world.

del 08-jul-2020 al 16-jul-2020
Abahana Villas - Festivities of San Pere.

San Pere & Mare de Déu del Carme in Altea: Festivities with a taste of the sea.

Around either the 14th of July (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) or the 29th of June, Saint Peter's Day - the date of the celebration changes each year to coincide with the day of the Virgin or that of the Apostle - the traditional Alicante-style seafaring festivities are held in honour of Saint Peter (San Pere) and the Mother of God (Mare de Déu del Carme).

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