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"Bous a la mar": Do you play at being a bullfighter?

Abahana Villas - Heifer in the square of the port of Denia.
Abahana Villas - Heifer in the square of the port of Denia.

The quintessential party of the town of Dénia, which has now been adopted by other nearby towns in the Valencia region. The fact is that the bullfighting tradition and the Mediterranean Sea make the perfect match in the summertime.

In the month of July Dénia stages the festival of its patron saint, which is when the port area is the venue over the course of several days for the famous "Bous a la Mar".

The event has been staged for more than 100 years, with the local youth creating a real spectacle as they attempt to drive the bulls into the water, although they are not allowed to push or touch them, a far from simple task, with the lads are trying their hardest to drive the bulls into the water where a boat awaits to return them to the ring set up at the port.

The ring has spaces for a large crowd in the upper part, with barriers and a properly arranged space below to ensure that their are no problems with crushing as the bull passes by.

Those who are lucky enough will have the chance to see the show from the water, on-board one of the boats which offer wonderful views of the square, with the town of Dénia in the background.

A highly traditional festival which is not to be missed if holidaying in Dénia.

Date 6-14 JULY

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