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Dolia. Muestra de Enoturismo y Gastronomía Teulada-Moraira

Abahana Villas - Gastronomic show at the Dolia in Moraira.
Abahana Villas - Gastronomic show at the Dolia in Moraira.

Dolia, the Wine and Gastronomy Fair that is held in the Teulada-Moraira auditorium, opens its doors in September to present in the Ruzafa market, a new edition of an event that is committed to quality and the importance of preserving the value of the region's cultural and natural heritage, through its wine and its gastronomy.

A fabulous fair that attracts numerous well-known exponents of "haute cuisine" and famous chefs such as Quique Dacosta or Juan Casamayor, who, in last year's edition, delighted those present with show cooking performances based on homemade cold meats from Requena and Muscatel grapes from Teulada.

Dolia is designed as an event in which home made products and traditional agriculture go hand in hand with culture and highly elaborate gastronomical dishes. An event that places great value on the land and the landscape while emphasizing the important role played by the Muscatel grape from Alexandria, the municipality's primary agricultural activity and the source of a rich cultural tradition that dates back to Roman times, according to the local Mayor, who normally inaugurates the event.

Regional cuisine and products adapted to modern cooking are the principal motif of a fair that although it has only been held for the past four years, has learnt how to present the very best of the land through its history and its traditions. Dolia also presents the land as an attractive element for new types of tourists who enjoy new ways of discovering and savouring the region's cultural and gastronomical heritage through its landscape, people, villages and traditions. Let's not forget that Teulada-Moraira was named Spain's Best Tourist Destination in 2014.

This fair, as its organisers are quick to tell us, is combined with the Muscatel Festa, which has been held now for more than 25 years. These two complementary activities are both held in September, when the Muscatel grape is in perfect condition.

The Teulada-Moraira Auditorium also presents a tribute to the gastronomy of the Community of Valencia through its own quality Denomination of Origin products. An absolute pleasure for the senses and an event that is well worth a place in you diary!

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