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Jávea International Culture Festival

On the last weekend in June, the beautiful town of Jávea holds its International Festival, a mix of culture, gastronomy, music and world class dance, with stalls representing 22 countries where visitors can sample typical products from different regions. The afternoons are filled with regional dance from each country as well as exhibitions and activities for all ages.

Culture, gastronomy, music and dance. Jávea's International Culture Festival has become a landmark of multiculturalism and integration, a melting pot of nationalities and cultures. Last year's festival boasted 22 stalls set up by residents of the town and natives of countries such as England, Belgium, Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, Morocco, Colombia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Ecuador, Peru, Indonesia, the Philippines, Italy and Argentina. In a sign of the popularity and success of the festival year on year, the 2014 event added two further countries; Madagascar and the Ukraine. Of course Spain is also well represented, showing a part of its culture with stalls representing Andalusia and the town of Jávea offering promotional material as well as tastings. This stall is very popular with tourists and other visitors.

For three days the international stalls are surrounded by groups playing jazz, rock and blues music among other as well as lots of activities for children and adults, with displays of acrobatic pizza making, dance, a mobile disco and comedians.

The festival has become a landmark in Jávea where the days leading up to the opening are filled with activities and ceremonies to celebrate the start of the contest: receiving the attending countries, guided tour of the show ground, multicultural street processions in traditional dress and carrying their country's flag and a grand official opening with a barbecue organised by the exhibitors.

The organisers are very proud of this international festival and its importance for Jávea residents as well as visitors, opening the town of Xàbia to the world.

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