Racó L'Arròs

If there is one place to enjoy a great paella it is El Racó del Arròs, in Moraira. The spot for fine rice, with professional and yet friendly service, to make you feel at home.

This wonderful restaurant, located in the town of Moraira, specialises in rice and other traditional dishes of the cuisine of Valencia, including "cocas" (tarts), "aspencat" (roast vegetables), "cruet de peix" (fish stew) and others.

It has a beachside location and has over the years established itself as the classic home-cooking restaurant, a venture begun by Fernando and Rosa with the aim of offering diners a full range of rice dishes, as well as meat and fish.

One of its key characteristics is the loyalty of its clientele, both foreign and local, who flock back to the restaurant year after year.

Price 20€ / 30€
Telephone 96 574 43 72

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