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Handicrafts Fair in Altea

The old town centre of Altea is the setting for the Handicrafts Fair that is held every year in the square in front of the Church in this little Alicante town.

This fair differs from other similar events in that it is a genuine market for artisans. To be able to reserve a stall in the market, artisans have to demonstrate that they themselves have really made everything they intend putting on sale.

This market fills the Altea Church Square and the evenings with colour throughout the summer, and with the work of the twenty or so artisans who put their work on display. Here we can find top class, original handicrafts that have required a high degree of manipulation of their component high-quality raw materials. The objective is to boost and encourage the handicrafts industry in Altea, and to ensure that the work of these artisans is given due consideration in relation to its high social and cultural value.

The Altea Handicrafts Fair brings a certain bohemian air to the town, thanks to the twenty stalls that are selected from among the myriad applications that are received. A prerequisite for participating in this market is that the handicrafts put on display should be well produced and well presented. Following an in-depth analysis therefore, it is up to the Town Hall to decide which applications comply with these objectives. Numerous artists from all over Spain make clear their interest in taking part.

Among the artists that are selected, we can find a wide range of trades that specialize in the artisanal treatment of materials such as wood, silk, glass or metal, among others. On account of its importance, the Altea Handicrafts Fair has developed into one of the best markets of this type in the entire Autonomous Community of Valencia.Not only that, but the organisation of the event enjoys the collaboration of the Altea Union of Artisans, (UNART), which helps new artisans to find their feet, provides advice and organizes cultural activities that complement the market, so say nothing of other activities of interest.

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