Restaurant Oustau in Altea

One of the most elegant and sophisticated restaurants on the Costa Blanca. Set in a building more than 200 years old, it has an intoxicatingly Mediterranean atmosphere full of colour, aromas and luminosity which, combined with its outstanding professional staff, will make a soirée here the very best way to round off a visit to the old part of the beautiful town of Altea.

Abahana Villas - Restaurant Oustau sunroom in Altea.

Abahana Villas - Restaurant Oustau sunroom in Altea.

Since it was first erected, the building has served countless functions, everything from convent to a school. For the last 30 years it has housed the restaurant, while maintaining such details as the archways and walls, and the colourful original decor. It also hosts a number of art exhibitions throughout the year, paintings and sculptures creating an ambience of restrained luxury.

Restaurant Oustau is currently run by the outstanding and dynamic restaurateur Olivier Burri. The culinary approach maintains a distinct French influence, with a number of suggestions inspired by the great classics of cinematic tradition, while also paying heed to the day's recommendations at the vegetable and fish markets. There is furthermore a lovingly assembled wine list featuring such estates as "Enate Crianza reds", "Martínez Bujanda", "Masía Batle" and "Carmelo Rodera".

An unquestionably unique establishment filled with vegetation, including huge trees in the main hall, with a large, welcoming internal courtyard… and remarkable panoramic views of the church on one side, and the village of Altea on the other.

Price 30-40 €
Opening hours TUE-SUN 19:00 -23:00h
Telephone 96 584 20 78
Address C/MAYOR, 5. 03590, ALTEA

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