El Montgó: Natural wonder between Dénia and Jávea.

Being one of the great mountains on the Costa Blanca, the Montgó Natural Park is emerging as one of the most special, since at its foot it includes not only the two charming towns of Jávea and Dénia, but, in its marine part, treasures the spectacular Cabo de San Antonio Marine Reserve.

How to access Montgó.

First things first and first of all it is worth explaining where the accesses are to ascend the different routes.

The park's Interpretation Center is located on Camí de Sant Joan, 1. There, you can also get much more information about everything that a visit to the Montgó offers.
It can also be accessed by going around the mountain on its southern face through the CV735 approximately at the height of the Xara towards Jávea or otherwise, continue towards Dénia, take the road. Colónia del Montgó until you reach the Hermitage of Pare Pere where you can choose different paths.
It is worth mentioning that there is an access road for people with reduced mobility in the Montgó with ramps for wheelchairs and a completely adapted, stone-free and leveled terrain, which corresponds to Route 8 in the Els Molins area.

Vistas del Montgó desde Dénia.

The omnipresence of the Montgó on the Costa Blanca.

With more than 750 meters of altitude, the Montgó Natural Park is much loved for its 2,117 hectares that weave various routes where you can enjoy an authentically Mediterranean setting with native flora and fauna.
There are nine routes that can be practiced hiking and also a mountain bike circuit, with numbers 5 and 6 being the most difficult. It is a mountain that those who know it say is "very difficult" and, among other things, there is a lot of medium-sized bush but there are few pine trees and this makes the walk in the shade of the trees almost non-existent; There are also routes where the slope is steeper and a certain physical level is needed.

Of course, nothing clouds the omnipresence and spectacular views, where many say that on clear days you can even see the island of Ibiza.

Vistas del Parque Natural del Montgó

Montgó nature for everyone.

So that everyone can enjoy it, we tell you how to explore it and not exhaust yourself trying.
The ideal accessory on any route on the Costa Blanca: Cap, hat, scarf, whatever but you have to protect your head. As we have mentioned before, there are hardly any tall trees that provide shade on the route, so this point is essential.
A good idea for those who can't stand the heat less is to start the route very early, they will have the coolness of the morning and the scarcity of tourists; Getting up early is the price to pay although it is then balanced by a good lunch with local products.
Water is life and in the Montgó it is necessary: Elementary and in the case of a route to the Montgó it makes all the sense in the world since it does not have any fountain during its routes, so a bottle of water for each one is essential, including dogs since they are admitted on all routes as long as they are leashed when there is a lot of traffic.

Two other important things to keep in mind are the choice of route and footwear; because? Because there are some rockier trails where correct footwear can prevent an unnecessary twist or slip; Likewise, it is better to be able to undertake a route appropriate to your physical condition, it is about enjoying the Montgó fully.

Rutas Montgó

If you are on vacation on the Costa Blanca and you like outdoor activities, the Montgó natural park is a good challenge for the most intrepid and a great setting for family hiking where you can cross trails of lavender, rosemary, thyme and share a good experience in Mediterranean nature.
If you would like to explore the charm of the surroundings and all its possibilities in accommodation in Jávea, do not doubt that Abahana Villas knows the area to offer you the best option and advise you on everything you need.

Type Hiking/BTT
Altitude 753
Area 2117,68ha


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