Queen's Baths: Immerse yourself in an ancient pool of crystal clear waters.

This summer bathe in the crystal clear waters of the Baños de la Reina. Is there little left for your vacation and you still don't know where to go? From Abahana Villas we propose a plan! Come to the Baños de la Reina this summer and enjoy a good dip in its crystal clear waters. You will discover the authentic paradise of the Mediterranean! Next, you will learn about its history and why you should not miss a visit to this Eden if you come to Calpe.

Learn about the history of the Baños de la Reina.

The Baños de la Reina, located in Calpe, are an archaeological site made up of artificial pools dug into the rock itself. But this is not the only thing he has.
It also has water galleries and tunnels, which were once created as fish farms by a wealthy family from Roman times.

As the story goes, an industry was established in this formidable place. In it, among other products, a sauce called garum was made for celebrities with great purchasing power and exquisite palates.

At the Calpe tourist office you will find all the extended information about the Baños de la Reina.


Why visit the Baños de la Reina?

Whether you are a lover of the sea, or if you are not, we are sure that you will love this place. You will bathe in one of the oldest pools in the area. Nothing more and nothing less than with more than 2,000 years of history.

This is an ideal place for snorkeling. Among its calm waters you will contemplate a wide range of marine species. You will live a unique experience!


How to get to the Baños de la Reina

The best way to get to the Baños de la Reina is by following the Paseo Marítimo Infanta Elena. From there, you will reach the Torre del Molí, from where you will see the Baños de la Reina. Depending on the time of year, if you would like to travel directly by car, you will find different places to park very close to the site.

Of course, keep in mind that to visit the Baños de la Reina it is essential to book an appointment at the Tourist Offices, either by phone by calling 96 583 69 20 or 96 583 85 32, or by email at turismo@ajcalp. it is.

Sounds like fun right? If you still haven't thought about where you can stay, contact our Abahana Villas team and we will find your perfect accommodation. What are you waiting for?

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