Jávea Market: The aperitif stop.

If you are on vacation in the Costa Blanca and decide to visit the municipality of Jávea, one of the obligatory stops is the Municipal Market, also called "Mercado de Abastos".

Abahana Villas - Inside the Jávea market with typical products of the region.

Abahana Villas - Inside the Jávea market with typical products of the region.

It was founded in 1946 in the old town square, in what appears to be a former convent of the Agustinas Descalzas founded by Sr. Anna María Gallart in 1663.

We can observe in it a Gothic-civil style architecture belonging to the Middle Ages related to its location, among which its roof supported by large arches that can be seen from the inside stands out.

800 meters destined to stalls selling the best and freshest local products are sold in this market full of tradition, and how could it be otherwise, the visitor will always have a friendly and close tato of its people.

Cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, preserves, bakery, select and typical products of the area, everything that the customer can imagine can be found in this beautiful market. What's more
The vendors' associations of the Municipal Market of Jávea continually prepare events and initiatives to encourage purchases in the market and thank their customers for their loyalty. Ham tasting, ham cutting demonstration, wine tasting ... and all this in a unique environment, an atmosphere to let yourself be carried away by good taste.
As a curious fact of the place, say that the Municipal Market of Jávea belongs to an architectural complex together with a church built at the end of the 17th century and a medieval tower with a square base.
The local legend tells that the body of Sor María Gallart rested in said tower, and alerted the neighbors by hitting when some relevant event was going to happen in Jávea.

Open HoursMON-FRI 08:00h-14:00h / 17:00h-21:00h  SAT 08:00h-14:00h

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