Weekly market of Benissa

Abahana Villas - Fruit and vegetable market in Benissa market.
Abahana Villas - Fruit and vegetable market in Benissa market.

A different way to enjoy Saturday morning. A visit to Benissa market, full of all manner of fruit and vegetable, along with a host of traditional food produce from the Marin Alta district, is a wonderful way to discover at first hand the outstanding ambience of this friendly town.

Every Saturday at 08:00 in the morning the traders begin to set up their stalls on a number of streets in Benissa, along a route which takes in the whole Historical Centre while also giving you the chance to enjoy observing and buying some of the local produce, or finding a bargain or two at the many clothes stalls.

One particularly striking aspect is the range of colours and the excellent atmosphere created by the traders hawking their wares out loud to attract buyers; stalls selling seasonal fruit and vegetables from the local market gardens with an unmistakable flavour, along with such typical local produce as: honey, preserves and pickles, cured meats...as well as footwear and clothing at very affordable prices, which are always open to haggling to secure an even greater bargain.

Along the way you will also pass by a number of long-standing Benissa shops, including butchers and bakers, the kind of traditional establishment where you know that the product will be first-rate.

Opening hours 08:00-13:30h

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