Moors and Christians in Benidorm: invasion of Levante beach

from Sep 30, 2024 to Oct 2, 2024

The invasion of the Levante beach by the army of the Crescent Moon begins a battle that is only the start of four days of fighting between Moors and Christians.

Abahana Villas - Clothing of the Moors and Christians in Benidorm.

Abahana Villas - Clothing of the Moors and Christians in Benidorm.

The grand entrance, the parades, the mission or the parley and the disembarkation are the most representative activities during the Moors and Christians festival in Benidorm, a typical Benidorm festival in which music and fireworks are also to the fore. 
During well-nigh a week, the streets of Benidorm are filled with spectacular costumes, extraordinary bands of music and parading hordes of Moors and Christian troops who take over the town centre. 
The first day is marked by a parade that includes the different "filaes" (troupes) and the Festival Authorities. 
The armies of the Crescent Moon and the hosts of the Cross, together with their "filaes", take over the centre of the city, supported by squadrons from places such as Mojácar and Villena, and accompanied by thousands of tourists under the watching eye of the President of the National Union of Festival Bodies ("UNDEF").
The entrance of the Moors and Christians is heralded by the sound of drums and the hooves of horses bearing riders who in turn carry falcons. 
The parade is led by the standard-bearer whose carriage bears the pennant of the Benidorm Moors and Christians Association. 
The Moorish "filaes" line up behind him and the parade commences to the sound of traditional music. 
During the festivities, a floral offering takes place in honour of the Apostle Saint James, followed by a High Mass in the Church of Saint James and Saint Ana on the last day of the festivities. There is also a festive parade with the traditional throwing of confetti, streamers and gifts. 
The Moors and Christians festival ends with the Reconquest of the Fortress of Benidorm by the Christian troops and the signing of the peace treaty with the inhabitants of Benidorm, to say nothing of the spectacular night-time "Mascletá" (fireworks display) when an impressive castle of fireworks is set up – much as one might expect in the region of Levante.

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