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Biennial Festival of Culture in Benissa

Abahana Villas - Enjoying gastronomy at the Biennial of Culture in Benissa.
Abahana Villas - Enjoying gastronomy at the Biennial of Culture in Benissa.

Benissa welcomes the autumn in a very special way, when multiculturalism and new arrivals join together to celebrate the Benissa Cultural Festival. 12 countries are represented in this festival that takes place every two years on the first weekend in October. The objective is to show off the different cultures that live in harmony in Benissa. A trip around the world without leaving home.

This encounter encourages cultural exchanges through music, gastronomy, folklore, handicrafts and displays of typical products from the countries that take part in the event. Three days in which to admire the native customs of countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Spain, the Philippines, Great Britain, Greece, Morocco, Poland, Romania, the Ukraine and Venezuela, and to get to know each nations' most typical customs and products. An authentic festival of smells, tastes and culture in which to enjoy anything from a genuine German sausage to a tango show or a fascinating belly dance, or to discover the typical dances and costumes of countries such as the Ukraine or Bolivia. A really multi-coloured festival that allows the visitor to achieve what for many is a dream, travelling without even having to move!

The idea behind the first encounter was to spread the word about the ample cultural diversity that there is in Benissa, and given that it was so well received by both local inhabitants and visitors, it has been repeated every two years since then (on even-numbered years). As that is the case, we will have to wait until 2016 to be able to celebrate this panegyric to culture and understanding, to come together in fellowship through the distinctive features of each one of us, as the festival poster proclaims.

As well as the numerous musical and artistic activities that take place during the fair, the marquees of the different countries that are set up in the Dolores Piera Park provide information on the history and the culture of each country, as well as displays of typical costumes, photographic reports and exhibitions of handicrafts. Of course, there is no lack of typical food and dishes to try.

The Spanish stand is located by the visitors' information point, and it features a photographic introduction to our country, information about Benissa and an exhibition of the costumes used in the town's Moors and Christians festivities, among other attractions. Do you fancy a trip?

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