The 10 Michelin Stars that light up the restaurants on the North Costa Blanca.

Exclusive and tastefully captivating. Places where you can let yourself be carried away by all your senses and be happy discovering different types of gastronomy. From authentic and traditional Alicante and Valencian cuisine to authentic avant-garde delicacies with ingredients that are mixed from all countries and cultures.

Michelin starred restaurants on the Costa Blanca by Abahana Villas.

Michelin starred restaurants on the Costa Blanca by Abahana Villas.

Select gastronomy of Alicante.

In Abahana we wanted to bring a sample to lick your fingers. You will be surprised by its ingredients, culinary techniques, colors and mixtures of flavors, but above all, the way of serving which, on many occasions, is an art.

Quique Dacosta Restaurant in Denia

What to say about a chef with 3 Michelin stars to his credit and the gold medal of Fine Arts in 2020! An authentic twist to the palate, conceptualizing Valencian cuisine where the maximum respect for the product is felt and with an open look at the flavors of the world.
It is difficult to summarize his more than thirty years dedicated to cooking where, since 2011, he has delved into technical-conceptual research and experimentation that ends with the perfect creative bite.
Mention that being a restaurant so requested it is better to book well in advance.

Peix y Brases in Denia

From the hand of José Manuel López, "Peix y Brases", with his name and language, already indicate what is handled in the kitchen and the mime by the tradition of the sea and the Valencian land.;
They have excellent fish and shellfish from the Valencian Community market and the best products from the garden according to the seasons, thus guaranteeing their freshness and intense flavor. All this with views of the port of Dénia in a quiet environment surrounded by the professionalism and warmth of the room staff. Impossible to forget the flavor of its rice dishes, its tapas of octopus or red shrimp from Dénia and the delicacy of its desserts.

Bonamb restaurant in Jávea

Among the best restaurants in Alicante and when you arrive you realize why. Alberto Ferruz in charge of this unique restaurant with different spaces that make you feel an intimate and hyperlative gastronomic experience sensorially speaking.
If you are looking to enjoy one of those culinary experiences once in a lifetime and you are on vacation on the Costa Blanca, the Bonamb restaurant is the perfect option.
The professionalism as well as the close treatment of the staff accompany some museum-worthy plates where many times the same supports are made especially for them; Each season they propose different menus that revolve around a theme, so poetry and magic is guaranteed so that the evening is one of moments that last over time.
It should be borne in mind that its popularity makes it advisable to book in advance.

Tula in Javea

With a Michelin star, it stands out as an unpretentious kitchen that makes you live honest experiences with the feeling of home cooking.
Clara and Borja, seasoned chefs who have been able to accumulate the knowledge of the area by having worked with renowned national chefs, open their doors in a charming place on the Arenal beach in Jávea to begin an adventure of which they say, it is not only the yours, but also that of many local and national suppliers who with dedication and passion provide the best ingredients to recreate excellence on the plate.

Casa Pepa in Ondara

Between olive trees and vines, we discovered this magnificent restaurant that was once run by Pepa Romans, a woman faithful to her native Ondara and who opted for the traditional cuisine of La Marina, where rice dishes stood out as the jewel in the crown .
Currently, the restaurant is part of the Bonamb group that decided to continue Pepa's legacy with Aina Serra in charge of the kitchen and thus promote the gastronomy of the region.

Beat restaurant in Calpe

Sophistication, minimalism and exquisiteness by the hand of José Manuel Miguel, the Valencian chef who collects his vagabond of French cuisine and exposes it in perfect balance with his Mediterranean origin. In the Beat restaurant, located in Calpe, you can taste between three menus according to your appetite, yes, each of them seeks the feeling of that "gastronomic beat" between French finesse and the joy of the terreta; all in an environment where the light of the Mediterranean is evoked.
If the experience sought is the most exclusive, the restaurant suggests reserving Table Zero.

El Xato in La Nucia

Elegant, careful and above all charming, perfect on summer nights with its tables on the road and abundant geraniums hanging from the windows.
With more than 100 years behind them, the Cano family postulates itself as a traditional restaurant as well as transgressor; A good part of its history is reflected in its wine list, since in its beginnings, the restaurant was a "Ti Pere el Tardà" winery.
It is through several generations when with Cristina Figueira, with experience in the Celler de Can Roca, he learns new techniques and creatively implements them in his dishes where the product is the "alma mater".

Baeza y Rufete in Alicante

In the north of the Costa Blanca you can see the stars perfectly, but whoever is looking for a special one has to go through the kitchens of Joaquin Baeza & Rufete.
It has always been said that you don't play with food, something that Joaquín defends by imagining and creating spectacular dishes with a lot of effort and coherence, revealing the secrets of each ingredient and all with a solid base of knowledge about Alicante's territorial cuisine.
You will be surprised by his way of conceiving the kitchen, beyond cooking the ingredients, they study them, a new dimension, a gastronomic laboratory.

L' Escaleta in Cocentaina

If we understand pride as Nietzsche described it, a virtue that leads to courage and constant improvement, then it must be said that L'Escaleta restaurant is pride and in all its fullness.
Kiko Moya and Alberto Redrado share success after years of effort to achieve a perfect fusion between gastronomy and wine with the magnificent backdrop that is Cocentaina; success that they understand as the consequence of good teamwork and family work, a quality that can be appreciated in their intimate spaces.
You cannot miss the chance to try one of the best rice dishes on the Costa Blanca by tasting their "Arroz al cuadrado".

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