Calpe Historic Centre

Calpe is a town surrounded by culture with a small but charming old quarter which conceals countless treasures, since thanks to its strategic position Calpe has over the years been settled by numerous civilisations, as reflected in the town's architectural remains.

There are plenty of sights to be seen here, from the ancient 15th-century church in Calpe's square, curiously tucked away inside the modern parish church, the Plaza de los Marineros; the 14th-century Peça Tower; an eclectic range of museums dedicated to comics, collectors' items... and of course the distinctive buildings designed by Ricardo Bofill, with their wonderful panoramic views of the Calpe coastline.

Another joy is to stroll along the cobbled alleyways which combine tradition and creativity, full of colour with their deceitful trompe-l'oeils and flower-laden balconies.


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