Serra Gelada Nature Park. Spectacular route from a bird's eye view.

Serra Gelada, one of the most distinctive of the coastal uplands in the Valencia region, is to be found between the bays of Altea and Benidorm.

Abahana Villas -  Serra Gelada Natural Park in Altea.

Abahana Villas - Serra Gelada Natural Park in Altea.

An ecosystem of huge ecological and environmental value, declared a Maritime and Terrestrial Nature Park. The Serra Gelada Nature Park together with its setting and seabed is to be found within the district of Marina Baixa and is one of the most outstanding of the Valencia Autonomous Region, having been the first maritime and terrestrial park to be designated there. The uplands reveal an outstanding relief profile rising abruptly above Altea, Alfás del Pi and Benidorm, creating cliffs measuring more than 400 m, home to enclaves of vegetation of exceptional value, as well as the intriguing hanging fossil dune. The boroughs which lie within the park include a total of five ports (two of them marinas and fishing ports) providing access to the marine section, as the Serra Gelada Nature Park is also extensively aquatic in nature, covering 4920 hectares of open sea. Hence the fact that one of the most appealing ways to discover this natural space is to roam its waters on board a yacht, or otherwise kayaking or following the latest fashion for paddle-surfing. It should be mentioned that the seabed is home to numerous species of fish, crustaceans and other invertebrates which find the perfect habitat here, combining its environmental importance with a clear economic interest as a fishing resource. Serra Gelada is an incredible and unmissable sight for those wishing to combine both sea and mountain in the wonderful borough of Altea. The adventure and beauty surrounding its setting are guaranteed.


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