Tower of Cap d'Or

Those climbing up the tower will enjoy incredible panoramas stretching to the horizon, providing an unimpeded and striking view of the amazing Peñón de Ifach in Calpe.

For those looking for something more than sun and beach on the Costa Blanca, this route is a marvel and one of the best known in the area.

One of the ideal plans in summer is to get up early, reach the summit and see the sunrise of the Mediterranean with the Peñón de Ifach in the background; and of course, after the effort, a well-deserved swim in the spectacular waters of Playa del Portet and a good breakfast by the sea. Can you ask for more?

Now a bit of your story:

The 11-metre-high tower dates from the 16th century, and stands at the very peak of Cap d‘Or.

Its task was, along with the neighbouring towers in Calpe and Jávea, to keep watch over the coastline and warn of potential enemy attacks.

The intriguing route offers different views of the curious tower, seen alongside a clifftop from below which gives it a more imposing air, while once one has reached the summit it seems rather more staid.

The whole construction is solid stone, and it also has the peculiarity of lacking an entrance door, as it was entered using rope ladders. Inside there is one single vaulted room which housed the lookouts.


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