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Jornadas Snorkel en Altea

Abahana Villas - Snorkeling Day in Altea.
Abahana Villas - Snorkeling Day in Altea.

During the summer months, the Greenwich Diving Centre organizes guided snorkelling expeditions around the Bay of Altea, in collaboration with the Serra Gelada Nature Park, the Altea Town Hall and the Institute of Coastal Ecology. Mascaret, Illeta de l´Olla, Cap Negret and Solsida are the starting points for these fabulous routes.

In order to allow enthusiasts to discover the environmental riches to be found at the bottom of the bay of Altea, these snorkelling expeditions have been designed for all levels of ability, not only for experienced divers. Children over the age of 10 are more than welcome to participate.

In waters that are normally quite calm and very transparent, these routes have been organized around four zones along the coast of Altea, all of which guarantee safe diving. In all four we can observe the extensive marine biodiversity on the ocean floor: meadows of posidonia (a plant that grows in the ocean and that acts as the sea's lungs), 300-year-old reefs, shoals of young fish, molluscs and so much more.

Although the itineraries may vary from one season to another, the Illeta de l´Olla and the Mascaret routes tend to be always available at the diving centre.

Cap Negret Route: This itinerary starts from the southern shore of Cape Negret. During the expedition, we will come across seascapes filled with rocks, sandy open stretches and carpets of brownish-grey seaweed. An authentic marine illusion that becomes ever more beautiful the farther we descend. At depths of around 3 to 4 metres, we begin to appreciate the constant hustle and bustle of fish such as Mediterranean rainbow wrasse and splittail bass, or discreet little animals such as octopuses. The meadows of posidonia that help to oxygenate the water are another of the areas of outstanding environmental beauty that we will be able to observe.
The route takes us to the Soio breakwater.

Olla Route: This route begins in the Illot, from where we will be able to enjoy waters that offer outstanding visibility. This seabed appears as a quite shallow platform in which we can observe beds of seaweed that give way, as we dive a little deeper, to meadows of posidonia that provide shelter for a multitude of species and serve as genuine nurseries for baby and young fish. The recommended route takes us along this platform until we are some 150 metres from the coastline when it falls away, quite sharply at certain points.

Mascarat Route: This expedition begins quite close to the Campomanes Marina, in the small bay of Mascarat, a pebble beach protected by a small mountain to the left. During the dive, we can observe posidonia and other sizeable herbaceous plants, octopuses and even, if we are lucky, squid. This is a really enjoyable excursion in which to enjoy a good representation of the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean coastline.

Solsida Route: A discreet cove close to the Porto Senso Marina, protected from the northerly winds, and filled normally with calm water. Ideal for a simple day's snorkelling with the family and the kids, as the sandy seabed is no more than 2 metres deep. It is also possible to increase this excursion, diving out as far as the little island that is just opposite the cove, some 200 metres from the coast.

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