del 19-oct-2019 al 20-oct-2019

Campeonato del Mundo de salto base en el hotel Bali de Benidorm

Exponents of the latest extreme sport meet every year in the well-known Hotel Bali in Benidorm. Here, in mid-July in this emblematic city of the Levante, the world's best jumpers put the laws of gravity to the test during the Base Jump Extreme World Championship.

Standing 186 metres high, the Bali is Europe's tallest hotel and has been the venue for this competition every year from 2008. It serves as a meeting point for thousands of enthusiasts and followers of this stratospheric sport. Each year, the Bali is chosen to give the starting signal for the Base Jump Extreme World Championship, a discipline that is in fact held in various cities across the world, in search of the best jumpers.

A type of parachuting, in which intrepid sportsmen and women thrown themselves into the void from a height of 170 metres, equipped with no more than a mere parachute. The objective is to fall onto the bull's eye that the Bali lays down beside its swimming pool for the duration of the competition. A highly demanding sport in which jumpers have to perform a series of complex and extreme manoeuvres in order to manage to stabilize their position and to fall onto the bull's eye in a clean and precise way.

The difficulties they face also include the hotel's own wall, not to mention the proximity of other buildings, palm trees, swimming pools, etc. Not only that, but the low speed at which they descend -in comparison with jumping from a plane - means they are less in control of the aerodynamics and indeed of their own bodies, which of course makes the jump even more difficult. The organizers of the Championship select the 30 best jumpers worldwide, as this is a very extreme competition that not everyone can take part in.

In actual fact, Base Jumping is considered by many to be the most extreme of all the extreme sports. If you are in Benidorm in July, don't forget to take good note of this intrepid rendezvous - definitely not suitable for anyone with a heart condition!



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