Boutique Tanit

Abahana Villas - Fashion and accessories of Tanit in Altea.
Abahana Villas - Fashion and accessories of Tanit in Altea.

"Boutique Tanit" in Altea will surprise you. Clothing, fashion jewellery, souvenirs and a host of craft objects, creating an enchanting world and atmosphere, where you will find there are highly original items to be discovered.

This establishment in Altea has since 1989 known how to value the quality and originality of craftsmanship. What at first glance seems a little store selling beads is transformed when you step inside and realise that "Tanit" is more than that, a loving homage to the concept of "handmade", its owners working silver and other materials into the most striking necklaces, earrings and bracelets to fashion unique pieces.

There is also clothing with a bohemian look, skirts, trousers, blouses, dresses… every garment unique with no two the same, hand-made by their designer from natural fabrics, which means that the price is particularly reasonable for such a special purchase.

Another noteworthy feature of the various objects, ornaments and other more practical products made from paper, glass and other recycled materials, to lend their own distinctive touch.

If you are shopping in Altea, do not give it a second thought: lose yourself in its old town, lose yourself in "Tanit".

Address C/MAYOR, 9. 03590 ALTEA
Opening hours MON-FRI 09:30-13:30h/ 16:00-20:30h
Telephone 96 584 42 89

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