Weekly market of Moraira

Abahana Villas - Hats placed in the Moraira market. Selection of wines inside the winery.
Abahana Villas - Hats placed in the Moraira market. Selection of wines inside the winery.

Every Friday the beautiful fishing village of Moraira stages its street market, the place to find fashion, footwear and jewellery bargains, along with the finest culinary produce from the local market gardens, and other traditional regional delicacies.

Meanwhile, with the sea just a stone's throw away, the atmosphere itself is full of summer fun.

Moraira's main car park, alongside the "La Senieta" building, is the venue every Friday for a really lively street market, the stalls filled with colour and offering every kind of produce, clothes, footwear, jewellery…as well, of course, as the region's finest fruit and vegetables with an unrivalled flavour.

And if you feel the pangs of hunger, there is also a stall serving delicious "churros" (fried doughnut sticks), all with a wonderful musical backdrop, the splendid sunshine and gentle seabreeze, making for an enjoyable atmosphere as you shop.

Opening hours 08:30:00-13:30 h

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