La Marina Shopping Centre in Benidorm

Located in Benidorm, this shopping centre offers the full range of stores: fashion, footwear, technology, household goods and perfumery, to ensure the success of any shopping trip. It also boasts a first-rate cinema and play area for the youngest visitors alongside the restaurants.


The "La Marina Shopping Centre" is located in the city of Benidorm, with numerous routes providing simple access.

It features the full range of modern fashion, an extensive spectrum of services and the chance to enjoy the exclusive Mediterranean climate in its privileged restaurant area located on the terrace, a setting perfectly designed with customers in mind, since the children can enjoy a large play area for all ages on the terrace, while their parents unwind all the more at this leisure centre.

Opening hours MON-SAT 10:00h-22:00h
Telephone 96 680 07 06

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