Boutique sport-lifestyle Base

A fantastic shop in the heart of Benidorm where you will find everything to do with the world of sport. "Base" stocks sporting apparatus and the leading sports fashion labels to engage in your chosen pursuit in full comfort.

Abahana Villa  - Facade of the Base shop in Benidorm.

Abahana Villa - Facade of the Base shop in Benidorm.

"Base" was set up to sell sports equipment, although over the years its clientele has made it something more, a way of thinking and living life with the sporting spirit at the pinnacle. The "Base" stores to be found all round the country have their own heart and soul, establishments suffused with the sporting spirit for people on the move.

There you will find the very best sports equipment from the leading makes along with its own label of sporting apparel and apparatus. 

Telephone +34 96 585 80 30

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