Discover the best music festivals of the Costa Blanca

Summer is here and, after a long time of pandemic, music festivals return to the Costa Blanca. Who doesn't end the summer with an arm full of festival bracelets? These festivals attract artists and fans not only from Spain, but from all over the world. Are you coming to the festival with us?

Low Cost Benidorm - Scenery at the Low Cost festival in Benidorm.

Low Cost Benidorm - Scenery at the Low Cost festival in Benidorm.

Jazz Festival in Dénia

Ideal for a relaxed experience in the moonlight! The Dénia Jazz Festival has great renowned artists from the world jazz scene. In addition to his concerts during this summer in the gardens of Torrecremada Park, he combines performances through the streets of Dian. Lindy Hop dances, parades to the rhythm of music and much more. Normally, it is usually celebrated during every weekend of the month of August.

Benidorm Summer Festival

This instead is celebrated during the first week of July. Don't let the rhythm stop! Bachata, Kizomba, Cubano and Salsa are the styles that you will find in this festival. If you are not up to date in this world of dance, it will not be a problem. The Benidorm Summer Festival organizes activities and classes to become familiar with these styles.
This year it will take place between June 30 and July 10. Buy your tickets here!

Reggaetón Beach Festival

The Reggaeton Beach Festival is said to be the largest Urban Beach Festival in Europe. If you are a reggaeton lover, you cannot miss the date that will bring together the greatest reggaeton lovers and the world's TOP artists chosen especially for the occasion.
This festival will be held on July 9 and 10, non-stop from 12:00 to 00:00, at the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor in Benidorm.
This is not just any festival. In addition to concerts, you will enjoy activities, food trucks and shishas, ​​water attractions and many surprises.

Low Festival en Benidorm

The Sportive Village Guillermo Amor in Benidorm will also host the Low Festival. In this case, it is an Indie-pop music festival. This year it will be held on July 29, 30 and 31. It has bands of the stature of Fangoria, Amaia from Operación Triundo, Dorian, The Red Room, La la love yoy and many other artists.
You will have the opportunity to enjoy this festival with daily admission or vouchers. Follow this link for more information.

Alicante Spring Festival

The Alicante Spring festival, which takes place over two days in the last week of May, presents the best of indie, pop and urban rhythms. This year it will take place on May 27 and 28, at Multiespacio Rabasa in Alicante.
Ticket prices start at 22 euros and children up to 11 years old can enter for free, until the reserved capacity of 200 minors is reached.

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One of the summer's most eagerly anticipated festivals is held in Benidorm in the last week of July. It brings together some of the most renowned, modern groups on the national and international stage: Placebo, Massive Attack, Love of Lesbian, Two Door Cinema Club and Fangoria are some of the acts to have graced the festival's stages.

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