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Oktoberfest in Moraira

Abahana Villas - Oktoberfest party in Moraira.
Abahana Villas - Oktoberfest party in Moraira.

At the beginning of October, just at the start of the autumn, Moraira takes on a distinctly German feel as it celebrates its very own Oktoberfest. Nowadays, this extremely popular and traditional German festival is being celebrated in more and more Spanish cities and towns. Set up in the public car park in Moraira, more than 5000 litres of German beer, typical food and live music pay homage to one of the world's most popular festivals.

Organized by the Festival Committee and the "Comisión de Sants de la Pedrá", together with the local town hall, this event has been held now on three occasions and it has been deemed a total success by both local inhabitants and visitors. It is now firmly established in Moraira's calendar of festivities.

More than 5000 litres of beer and untold quantities of typical German food are consumed during the weekend in a marquee set up for the occasion - measuring some 600 m2 - that is packed throughout the three days the Oktoberfest lasts in Moraira.

The young and the old, kids, groups of friends… nobody wants to miss this fascinating festival nor the opportunity to try authentic and delicious German products, to say nothing about all the music and dancing. A unique occasion for trying legendary dishes such as steckerlfisch, grilled mackerel that is usually served with beer and is very popular in Bavaria, smoked fish seasoned with spices or pickled (a traditional dish in German coastal regions), processed meat in the form of sausages seasoned with spices, pork knuckles with Krauti and, of course, a classic among the classics, Frankfurters. It's worth noting that the traditional recipe for this type of sausage includes bread, mustard, horseradish and potato salad. An absolute delight, normally washed down with beer.

This is a totally successful fair with a distinctly German spicy smell and flavours that has proven very popular among both locals and visitors who come from all over the place. It has become an important way to promote tourism and to boost the economy of the beautiful town of Teulada-Moraira. Don't miss it!

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