Plaza de Toros de Benidorm

Abahana Villas - Aerial view of the bullring of Benidorm.
Abahana Villas - Aerial view of the bullring of Benidorm.

A venue housing an element of the very essence of Spain: bullfighting. This grand, circular structure in the heart of Benidorm is little by little re-gaining its level of activity with such leading figures from the bullfighting world as "El Cordobés" and "El Fandi".

The art of bullfighting, so intrinsically linked to Spanish culture, can be experienced at the bullring located in the heart of Benidorm, alongside the Parque de l'Aigüera.

A venue which officially opened in 1962, thanks to the private initiative of such figures as Alfonso Puchades, Luis Alegre and José Barceló along with a number of bullfighters including Jaime Ostos and Paco Camino.

The circular arena has featured every kind of event: 'rejoneo' horseback bullfighting, showjumping, major musical concerts, including the "Festival de la Canción en Benidorm" ("Benidorm Song Festival") and "Low Cost", motorbike displays, etc.

It is now seeing a renewed upturn in bullfighting events, which had apparently been on the decline, and in the month of March features the famous Easter Week bullfights, which typically attract the leading bullfighters.


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