The secrets of the Red Wall, an emblematic building in Calpe.

Labyrinthine, games of light and shadow, corners with mystery where vibrant color beats and its own, but above all, original frames of the Mediterranean.

Red Wall of Calpe

Red Wall of Calpe

The Red Wall of Ricardo Bofill, that of Calpe and that of everyone.

This is how the spectacular architectural work of the famous Ricardo Bofill feels. A work that could well define “La vie en rose” of Calpe due to the infinity of pink hues that the sun discovers as it caresses the hiding places of its façade. It's always a good place to drop by and contemplate.
The famous Barcelona architect erected this postmodern project in 1973 based on the concept of a “kasbah”, (ancient fortress typical of Arab architecture and medieval citadels where the wealthiest families resided and which were generally built in high places with good views. In They highlighted stepped elements, square floor plans, different heights depending on what functions the rooms had, as well as the reddish color of the clay; much of this can be seen with the naked eye in Bofill's work.

Terraces of the Red Wall in Calpe

The Red Wall in commercial campaing.

Seeing it without being seen, going deeper into the present, one wonders where those shapes, those colors sound from. Well, The Red Wall of Calpe has been the scene of numerous advertising spots from large fashion brands such as Zara, Corte Inglés, Reebok, Springfield or Delpozo are some of them.
And, although some do not get used to this modern mass that has nothing to do with the more rural-style Mediterranean architecture, many see in it a gold mine where color and its shapes are presented as a luxury in contrast. with the beauty of the sea and the Peñón de Ifach in the background.

Advertising on the Red Wall of Calpe

Details and secrets around the Red Wall.

The optical effect of color. Just seeing its labyrinth-shaped passageways one can think of the sensation of chaos or confusion but the truth is that, once there, contemplation and almost meditation reign, since the entire atmosphere that is recreated there makes you focus your attention to the different shapes, sinuous corners and live a unique chromatic experience since the red of the exterior gives way to colors such as blue, green or yellow that amplify spaces.
By the way, we cannot overlook the great inspiration it was for the sets of the famous series “The Squid Game”.
Another of the highlights of this building is that it is the most photographed work by Ricardo Bofill and the most posted in Spain on social networks with approximately 22,220 publications, and everyone who visits it tries to capture the unique snapshot, the possibilities. They are infinite if you have the variety of perspectives and games of light and shadows.

Indigo blue interior of the Red Wall of Bofill

Neutral work or residence? Here is a curious fact, it is a residential complex in which, for a time, it was at the mercy of inclement weather and the passing of the years. It has been thanks to the rates that fashion brands have been paying for their campaigns that maintenance and painting tasks were carried out by the neighbors themselves and where the beauty of this architecture anchored in the La Manzanera cove in Calpe.
Of course, the neighbors are strictly prohibited by contract from disclosing what is going on in their yards until the companies or film directors release the result.
Another secret that was revealed earlier this year is that it has become part of the philatelic universe for its 50th anniversary, a real treat for stamp collectors.

Stay in an architectural gem.

Yes, it is possible, on Airbnb there are numerous apartments in the Red Wall where you can stay on vacation in Calpe; Yes, remember to book in advance as availability flies.
And if you prefer to stay in a private villa with a pool in Calpe near the Red Wall, do not hesitate to contact Abahana Villas, we are sure to find the perfect accommodation for you and yours.

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