Promenade and port of Calpe

The town of Calpe has a long-standing tradition of fishing and watersports, above all sailing. A pleasant walk down by the shoreline begins on the busy "Infanta Elena Promenade", stretching some two kilometres, running past Playa Arenal-Bol beach as far as the beautiful fishing port.

Abahana Villas - Port and Rock of Ifach of Calpe at dusk.

Abahana Villas - Port and Rock of Ifach of Calpe at dusk.

Along the way are various leisure facilities, the Baños de la Reina's Archaeological Site, with its outstanding architectural design, a traditional Maritime Mill and the views of the Peñón de Ifach and the Morro de Toix from the terraces of the various cafes and restaurants.

The "Royal Calpe Yacht Club" is the town's most important harbour, with extensive, first-rate facilities, and also a particularly lively atmosphere thanks to its position alongside Peñón de Ifach.

The Port of Calpe could be divided into the fishing area and the yacht club area.

Boat lovers can enjoy a pleasant stroll around the latter, casting an eye over the vessels moored there. The port also has an excellent sailing school, a diving school and a rowing school too, as well as a wonderful restaurant in the yacht club serving good food.

The same area of the port has a host of other restaurants proudly displaying to passers-by dishes full of seafood and fish; not the very best seafood to be had in Calpe, but perfectly reasonable for an informal dinner, while the way in which the fresh produce is offered to tourists on different sizes of tray also has its appeal, and there are prices to suit every pocket. The prices typically do not include VAT, and some of them are even open to a little haggling.


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