Jávea Historic Centre: A story around every corner.

Abahana Villas - Bike ride through Jávea in the historic center, entrance to the church square.
Abahana Villas - Bike ride through Jávea in the historic center, entrance to the church square.

Narrow streets where stone is the common theme of the ancient buildings which make up the beautiful town centre of Jávea. A tour of the modest cottages and palatial townhouses of various eras and styles, including Gothic, Neoclassical and Modernist, discovering the stories which lurk around every corner of a thoroughly Mediterranean town.

It was the frequent attacks by pirates which forced the inhabitants of Jávea to head two kilometres inland from the coastline to a more elevated position offering greater defensive potential, leading to the construction of a thickly walled enclosure which today encircles the Historic Centre of Jávea.

The "tufa" undressed stone is the distinctive architectural feature common throughout the town centre of Jávea, the key buildings being the Town Hall and Food Market, among others.

Between the alleyways of the heart of the old town there stand modest little houses with their whitewashed facades teeming with colourful flowers on the balconies, palatial townhouses of different eras styles, Gothic, Neoclassical and Modernist, arched gateways, Gothic windows and wrought iron gratings, all crowned by the distinctive local stone.

Meanwhile, the old town also boasts great historical heritage, above all, for example, the "Fortified Church of San Bartolomé", in the Gothic Isabelline style, and the Archaeological Museum and Cultural Centre, well worth a visit in order to learn more about the past and present of the town of Jávea.

Another curiosity of the old town of Jávea is the chance to sample in its modern restaurants the most traditional local cuisine, serving typical dishes made all the more enjoyable by the ever-present friendly service in a cosy setting.



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