Church of San Jaime

Abahana Villas - Church of San Jaime on the beach of Mal Pas in Benidorm.
Abahana Villas - Church of San Jaime on the beach of Mal Pas in Benidorm.

Built in Benidorm between 1740 and 1780, in the neoclassical style and close to the Punta Canfali Lookout is this distinctive church named in honour of the patron saint San Jaime.

The Church of San Jaime stands at the upper part of the old town, at the summit of Canfali Hill. It was built in the 18th century following the discovery in 1740 of Virgin Sufragio, the current patron saint of Benidorm.

Practically isolated, it comprises three squares, two of them giving on to the sea and a third, Plaza de San Jaime, with a more urban setting and containing the main access route to the church.

It has a Latin cross layout with a central nave and small side chapels. A hemispherical dome stands above the crossing. Alongside the gospel is the chapel of Virgin Sufragio.

On the outside is a simple image painted in white, with cornices and mouldings in ochre. The domes of the crossing and the chapel are covered with blue glazed tiles, a typical feature of the churches in this region.

The most important religious celebrations of Benidorm are staged here, including the Feast of the Patron Saint in November, Easter Week and the Feast of St James and St Anne, the patrons of the parish.

Opening hours 10h00-20h00
Construction 18th CENTURY

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