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Alternative Fair in Benissa: Natural balance.

Abahana Villas - Ecological products of the Alternative Fair in Benissa.
Abahana Villas - Ecological products of the Alternative Fair in Benissa.

If you believe in a better life through being in contact with nature and in developing your mind, then Benissa's Alternative Fair is for you. It is expected to take place around the end of September.

We hope that the new program will come back and offer new events for the Benissa Alternate Fair 2024.

Previous editions have brought together different stands on the Glorieta Dolores Piera in Benissa, that have presented the products and services of herbalists, establishments offering alternative therapies, psychological consultancies and a range of other professional disciplines.

During this event, it's quite common to find theatre, workshops for children or young people, talks for adults, massages for babies or therapies that help animals to relax.

Do you like music or rhythmic compositions? Then be sure not to miss one of the concerts featuring Tibetan bowls, or a “batucada” (a type of salsa). You can also take part in a zumba class, learn about sound therapies or enjoy an exhibition of harmonic singing and ancient instruments.

Do you like to relax? Find out more about the workshops on Kundalini Yoga, Belly Dancing, Karate-do, Sapena Exhibition, Quantum meditation, Pilates or Thai Massage. However, if you are more interested in spiritual experiences, then do not forget to visit the professional proponents of Reiki, Regression, the Kabballah, or Ayurvedic Medicine.

There is no lack of fun activities for children, such as musical therapy workshops, laughter therapy, mental development or cooking for kids. Now that we've mentioned cooking, we should also mention that vegetarian cooking is featured in numerous workshops, as are variations on the theme of macrobiotic cooking. As you can see, one of the main aims of the Alternative Fair in Benissa is to help people to eat better, and to foment the consumption of natural and/or agro-ecological products.

As a matter of fact, many traders bring produce to the fair that has been produced using original techniques and raw materials. These include essential soaps, cotton or silk that has been printed using natural dies, spices and herbs for infusions, different cold cuts that have been processed and seasoned in the traditional manner - without preservatives- goat or sheep's cheese made from biological milk, fruit liqueurs...

We should not end without mentioning the decorations for the home, or the beads that are also on display: in this fair you'll have no difficulty finding mirrors, paintings, fabrics, cushions… or earrings, necklaces or bracelets, and of course leather goods such as bags, belts or wallets.

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