La Manzanera Cove

This pebble beach in Calpe measures some 200 m in length and lies alongside the urban development of the same name. As at many of the other coves in the area the crystal-clear water is home to plentiful posidonia seagrass, making it the perfect place to dive or fish.

It is a small cove measuring some 230 metres in length, comprising sand, gravel and stones, and is typically used by the inhabitants of the urban development of the same name, which means that it tends not to be particularly busy, making it possible to enjoy a dip in this idyllic spot without the crowds typical of the larger beaches during the summer season.

The calm waters are ideally suited for snorkelling and diving. For those who prefer a relaxing sunbathe while also enjoying the view, it is worth mentioning that the this is also the site of a number of the ground-breaking buildings by the architect Bofill which characterised the Sixties style.

Composition SAND/ GRAVEL

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