Calalga, one of Calpe's beach secrets that not everyone knows.

Either at the end of the Ecological Walk that connects Calpe with Moraira passing through the Benissa coast, or at the beginning of the Fossa coastal walk; or vice versa, we all know that the order of the factors does not alter the result, just as we also know that the beauty of this cove remains unchanged year after year.

Abahana Villas - Peñón de Ifach from Cove Calalga in Calpe.

Abahana Villas - Peñón de Ifach from Cove Calalga in Calpe.

What not everyone knows is that between these two enclaves there is a small gem of our coastline.

Semi-urban in style, this Mediterranean bite has a part of fine sand and another of boulders but what stands out in it are its transparent waters and the tranquility of the area, becoming one of the perfect corners of the Calpe area for those fleeing the summer crowds and wanting to feel a little more special.

In addition, it is surrounded by beautiful green and pink tones of the vegetation of the area, the reflection of sunlight projecting on the rocks at noon and at sunset being very special.

This beautiful cove does not have the blue flag awarded by the Valencia Community due to the imposition of certain requirements such as services, but that should not take away an iota of its meritorious position on the list of the most beautiful coves in Calpe.
Its turquoise waters have an excellent quality and are not very deep, they invite you to a relaxing bath or to discover its treasured seabed, because as there is little influx, marine life is richer.

Certain summers the cove has a kayak or paddlesurf board rental service, ideal for having a good time with friends or family and discovering new corners such as Cala del Mallorquí (another of Calpe's few known secrets) or les Bassetes , where to stop and have a drink at its beach bar.


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