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Iberia Festival in Benidorm

Take two days with more than 20 hours of the best national pop and rock of recent decades, 150,000 watts of sound and a stage that grows in size each year and you have the next edition of Benidorm's Iberia Festival.

This spectacle shows off the best of our national musical scene, and has been very well received by the public at large, a public that likes to remember and sing along to the greatest hits of recent years, in the privileged setting of Benidorm.

More than 20 groups and artists took part in last year's edition of the Iberia Festival, adding to its success. Its principal ingredients are undoubtedly the major pop and rock stars who play at the event, a full leisure programme for all ages, and a spectacular line-up.

Held in the bullring in Benidorm, the event has already attracted such popular singers and bands as Dani Martín, los Secretos, la Unión, la Frontera, Burning, la Guardia, Toreros Muertos, Ariel Rot or the Orquesta Mondragón… This is a festival that guarantees hours of fun! It will help you to remember songs and groups that left their mark on an era, it's definitely a festival that has become a firm fixture in Benidorm's late summer calendar. Nostalgia, music and good times await in the Iberia Festival.

This event has become so popular that during the last edition they had to increase the space allocated to the best pop and rock of the eighties and nineties: a covered stage some 17 metres long and 14m high, that was graced by the likes of Danza Invisible, M-Clan, Trogloditas or Ramoncín. An all-star bill that augurs well for the festival in years to come.

There is also an element of solidarity to the festival. Under the slogan "este festival es la leche" the organisers have set up a campaign to gather milk for the Cáritas organization: everyone who hands in a bottle of milk at the entrance to the festival will be collaborating with a good cause, and they will also be entered into a raffle for two guitars signed by some of the invited artists.
Definitely worthwhile, don't you think?

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