The Salt Lake

A curious sight, and an important natural setting which has existed since the Roman era, and which provides refuge for a wide range of migrating birdlife.

A stroll around here to observe the various species, including the distinctive pink flamingos, is a real pleasure.

This lagoon within the borough of Calpe was formed by the ancient salt-making operations probably dating from the Roman era.

Close by the Peñón de Ifach Nature Park, it is a unique site of both cultural and natural heritage, as the unspoiled home during various seasons of the year to a great number of migratory birds, as many as 173 species having been recorded, in particular the distinctively coloured Common Flamingo population.

The ambient humidity is to a great extent the result of the proximity and position of the Peñón de Ifach. This has led to the formation of a beautiful tombolo lagoon caused by the development of a double spit, where excavations revealed the pools of the fish factory at the Roman site known as “Baños de la Reina”.

There is a pedestrian route through this wetland area along Avenida de Ejércitos Españoles and then Avenida Juan Carlos I, offering delightful views of this natural setting and its characteristic local flora and fauna.


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