Port and sea promenade of Altea

Altea, with the Mediterranean Sea alongside, boasts a delightful new promenade running the length of the coastline as far as the fishing port.

Abahana Villas - Serra Gelada and promenade of Altea.

Abahana Villas - Serra Gelada and promenade of Altea.

A stroll along it, while breathing in the beauty and calm of the seascape is just one of the numerous attractions offered by this outstanding village.

Altea is packed with delights, including a stroll along the seafront promenade, where ducks or swans appreciative of a piece of bread will often be seen, before continuing as far as the traditional fishing port, the perfect place to explore every nook and cranny.

Along this attractive route visitors will come across a great many shops, ice cream parlours and cafes, each in a different style: some reminiscent of France, others serving up outstanding English breakfasts, while others have become little hideaways in which to enjoy a good read.

There are also plenty of bars in which to take the opportunity to enjoy a drink and a snack by the seafront, and also restaurants, many of them specialising in the paella traditional of the Valencia region, while the whole time taking in the wonderful views of the Mediterranean and its gentle breeze.

It is worth pointing out that although the promenade may be strolled at any time of the day, it is in the evening when one perhaps get the greatest sense of Altea's distinctive bohemian air, with the enchanting sunset on one side, and the dazzle of these brightly lit terraces on the other, the musicians as they begin to play and the craft stalls, a particularly typical feature of Altea.

The port, meanwhile, originally used for the fishing fleet, was remodelled in 1985 to include a marina, and now covers a considerable area with more than thirty fishing boats, while having also become a meeting point and harbour for yachts of all sizes and flags.

A walk around is a journey through seafaring and fishing tradition. There are older ships on which time and the sea have left their mark moored alongside gleaming new yachts, but perhaps the most interesting feature of the port is the traditional fish market auction.

The fishermen return from the fishing grounds at around five in the afternoon to offload their still live catch. Minutes later and the event begins, offering the chance to buy the very freshest fish and seafood at a stunning price, making visitors feel a real part of the fishing tradition and culture here.

An ideal stroll around the town of Altea which will etch wonderful images in the memory of all those venturing forth.


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