Poniente promenade

The Beachfront Promenade along Poniente beach in Benidorm was recently redesigned courtesy of Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Martí Galí.

It is a very lively area, full of colour, allowing for a peaceful stroll or sporting pursuits, cooled by the gentle breeze blowing off the Mediterranean.

Rather than the traditional straight-line layout followed by such boulevards, the team of architects who designed the promenade for the Poniente beach in Benidorm came up with a strip of undulating forms more at harmony with the sea.

The promenade provides the perfect example of the desirable approach in urban settings, employing the inherent criteria of intelligent reflection and attractive outcomes, with outstanding sensitivity in environmental and landscaping terms.

This allows visitors to enjoy a pleasant stroll while taking in the lively goings-on of the surroundings with all the bars and shops, or otherwise to engage in such sporting pursuits as cycling, jogging or skating, with the sea a constant companion alongside.


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