Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo

This is one of the most imposing and important landmarks of the bohemian town of Altea.

Abahana Villas - Blue domes of the Church in Altea.

Abahana Villas - Blue domes of the Church in Altea.

Its standout feature is the delightful and colourful dome of blue tiles, which has established itself as a real landmark for the local residents.

The Parish Church of "Nuestra Señora del Consuelo" , also known as the "Iglesia de Arriba" (upper church), is the main church in Altea.

It stands on the main square in the Old Town, in a completely bohemian setting where one can easily make out in the background the charming melodies of the musicians playing in the street, surrounded by wonderful restaurants and bars and original craft stalls featuring objects bearing its image.

As a place of worship it is of great historical importance as the initial parish church, which was considerably smaller, was built on the same site in the early 17th century.

It was in the early 20th century that the new building was erected on the ruins of its predecessor, in the Neo-Baroque style on view today.

The facade was redesigned, and another, smaller dome was built. Meanwhile, Modernist pieces were used for the decoration, such as the blue tiles, typical of the Levante region, with white decorations and figures with the form of dragons, and spine-like ridging, which made it the ultimate local landmark.

A stroll around Altea must at least include a visit to this wonderful and unique church, while also enjoying the surrounding district.


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