What to do in Calpe with children: ideas to enjoy with the family.

Abahana Villas - Arenal-Bol beach in Calpe with children.
Abahana Villas - Arenal-Bol beach in Calpe with children.

Enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Calpe with children is far from limited to long days at the beach or pool. On the contrary, the offer that this Alicante town offers families is so wide and varied as to ensure the delight of young and old alike in activities that can even become pleasant memories for a lifetime.

Activities in Calpe with children


Archeology in Calpe

The offer of plans in Calpe with children related to archeology has several exponents in this town.
The first option takes us to the Baños de la Reina, ancient Roman remains of a site dating between the 1st and 3rd centuries BC.
Part of this site is now a set of natural pools that delight the little ones who can swim among the fish, a priori, without risk, as this old fish farm is a safe bathing area.
This is not the only Roman site that we find in the municipality that also has (just next to the previous one) a set of Baths from Roman times that also give direct access to Calpe beach.
As is well known, the Romans were not the only ones who noticed this Mediterranean settlement. In fact, the Arabs built on the top of El Castellet, between Mount Mascarat and Morro de Toix, what is known as the Castle of Mascarat.
Despite being in ruins and being difficult to access, it can be used to tell the little ones the story of this castle of Muslim origin from the 12th century and its tower that served as a lookout point to prevent attacks by Barbary pirates.
We make a considerable leap in history and we go to the westernmost end of the Baños de la Reina archaeological zone, where we find the Torre del Molí de Morelló. The remains of this windmill used to manufacture flour, dating from the mid-19th century, may be the perfect example for telling children stories related to the milling tradition of the Marina Alta region in an entertaining way.
Finally, located in the Plaza de la Villa, we find the Torreón de la Peça which represents an old bastion of the defensive wall of Calpe. Today you can see two of the four cannons made at the beginning of the 14th century.

Fishing tradition in Calpe

As in many other fishing villages, afternoons become the arrival time for boats loaded with the day's catch. Once the goods have been downloaded, they are taken to the Lonja where the bids of the buyers take place. This activity is a good way to enjoy another plan in Calpe with our children, explaining the whole process, making them aware of the great treasure that the Mediterranean holds and the importance of taking care of it so that it continues to give us top quality food.

Pink flamingos in Calpe?

Yes that's how it is. In the area known as Las Salinas you can see these colorful birds that with their characteristic pink color, their infinite necks and their little wire legs delight children and adults.
The Salinas de Calpe are located very close to the Peñón de Ifach and are not only the home of the graceful flamingos, but also a regular home to 172 other species of birds.

The Rock and the Pobla de Ifach

The Peñón de Ifach dominates the town from the heights and offers two types of excursions. In the first one, you go up to the base of the Rock in what is an easy excursion along a perfectly conditioned path that allows even the little ones to enjoy a walk with views.
After passing the tunnel, things get complicated so it might be better to think twice before going ahead with the dwarves.
But no problem because there are many other options to visit Calpe on vacation with children. For example, at the foot of the rock we find the Pobla de Ifach, just past the entrance gate to the Natural Park of the same name, we go up a path that gives access to this medieval settlement.
This 13th-century construction promoted by Admiral Roger de Llúria, is made up of a walled enclosure in which you can see rooms, warehouses, homes, a church dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels and even a necropolis.

PEñon de Ifach de Calpe desde Playa de la Fossa

Ecological walks in Calpe

We continue with the activities in Calpe with children and, on this occasion, we are going from Cala del Racó to start what is known as the Príncipe de Asturias ecological walk. A pedestrian walk that surrounds the base of the aforementioned Rock and lasts around half an hour.
In addition to this walk, along the coast of Calpe there are what are known as ecological trails, which are short walks of a few kilometers that run by the sea and are not very difficult as they are dirt roads with small unevenness.

More activities in Calpe with children

In addition to everything already mentioned, the offer to see Calpe with children includes cultural incentives in the form of summer cinemas and children's theater cycles. It is also important not to overlook the wide range of services to practice water sports or 4x4 routes, among other entertainment.
You can already see that there are many activities and environments to discover and enjoy with your children. If we encourage you to come on vacation to Calpe, we recommend some of our villas and chalets for rent where, in addition to enjoying the surroundings, you will also enjoy family activities.

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