Coastline of Benissa

Let yourself fall in love with the quality and temperature of the water, a natural setting awash with local vegetation and the gentle sea breeze.

The Benissa Coastline has become a place of tiny coves where visitors can peacefully enjoy the sunshine and the Mediterranean Sea.

Beaches, coves, sandy or rocky, all of them with crystal-clear waters: the coastline of Benissa is the perfect venue for diving and sailing.

Rather than open beaches, these are instead small coves surrounded by cliffs, which prove very popular with keen divers.

Particular mention should be made of Playa de la Fustera, being the longest of them and perhaps the best option for families, as it has more amenities and a children's area.

The beach is then followed by a number of charming little coves, including Cala Pinets, the smallest of them all, so named because of the pine trees which stretched practically down to the shoreline; Cala de la Llobella, relatively uncrowded and perfect for divers; Cala de l’Advocat likewise sparsely visited and featuring a huge cliff; and Cala de Baladrar, a small gravel cove surrounded by cliffs and pine trees, with a beach bar featuring live music to create an unrivalled festive atmosphere in summer.


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