San Antonio Cape: Sea and mountain

Abahana Villas - Sunrise at Cabo de San Antonio in Jávea.
Abahana Villas - Sunrise at Cabo de San Antonio in Jávea.

A privileged cliff in the beautiful town of Jávea. Rising to a height of 170 metres, it offers the finest views of an unrivalled landscape.

Declared a nature reserve in 1993, San Antonio Cape occupies an area of 110 hectares right on the boundary of the Montgó Nature Park, in the borough of Jávea.

Although at first glance the area may seem rugged, rocky and arid, it is in truth home to considerable biodiversity and natural riches.

This 170-metre-high cliff has a lighthouse at the top, built in 1855 alongside a wonderful viewing platform with a privileged position offering views to the north of the Gulf of Valencia and the Bay of Dénia, and to the south the Bay of Jávea, panoramic vistas which remain etched in the memory.

At the foot is the San Antonio Cape Marine Reserve, a protected area of considerable environmental, scientific and ecological interest. A dive in the water here, with all the diversity of marine flora and fauna, is a real experience.

There are also a number of marked hiking routes, taking in an impressive landscape teeming with the decorative delights of rosemary, thyme and other flowers along the way, as you discover the cliffs along the coastline where the Mediterranean Sea meets the fringes of Montgó, creating one of the most idyllic spots on the Costa Blanca.

An excursion to be recommended without hesitation if you are holidaying in Jávea.

Height170 m

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