Owners' FAQ

Abahana Villas offers a truly 360º service for your property:

  • Complete management of the rental property.
  • Pool and garden maintenance.
  • Real estate.
  • Investment
  • Tax advice.
  • Insurance.
  • Photography.
  • Maintenance and repairs.
  • Property management.

Our levels of occupation and profit margins are some of the highest in the sector. Since its launch in 1999, Abahana Villas has achieved almost total occupancy in high season and very high levels of occupation during the rest of the year, although at slightly lower rates.

Of course! Depending on the property's potential, we can also offer long-term rentals during winter months to ensure full occupation in low season. Long-term rentals are growing in popularity, meaning it is not difficult to find guests interested in this option.

The company's high occupancy levels are a result of our excellent website, the work we do to position our website on search engines and social networks and thanks to the thousands of guests who have received impeccable service and attention and trusted their holidays to Abahana Villas since 1999. We also have a special relationship with the best and most prestigious agencies in the sector who send their clients to Abahana Villas, not forgetting the tireless work of our multilingual booking team, available for between 18 and 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That is highly unlikely! The prices we set are established according to precise parameters which determine a rating (like the star rating for a hotel), helped by tables of statistics dating back to 1999 which help us to eliminate possible risk and achieve a high degree of reliability.  In the event that your villa has a lower than predicted occupation rate, our team will create an active campaign for your property in order to systematically increase occupation levels as soon as possible. In order for us to do this, it is important to choose the active management option in the contract signed by all Abahana Villas owner-members. These two actions are essential.

If you require total security with regards to your villa's profitability and/or a specific level of income, we can investigate the possibility of offering a guaranteed rate, with specific payments and even advance payments. However, as this type of contract involves risk for Abahana Villas, the rental rates will be slightly lower than those we can offer to clients with an open rate. 100% of the most profitable rental with incomes higher than forecast are for properties with an open rate and the estimated fees reflect this.

The owner is responsible for costs relating to energy supplies and other costs associated with villa rental, the first cleaning of the season, replacing any objects, utensils and furniture required due to normal wear and tear, as well as pool and garden cleaning and maintenance unless these optional services have been contracted from Abahana Villas.  Properties with air conditioning for the summer or or central heating for winter have an advantage not only in terms of occupation, but also in terms of what we call "owner extras" which provide greater profitability. This means other costs can be neutralised 100%.

We understand that each owner is a MEMBER of Abahana Villas and as such is entitled to guaranteed maximum profits, the best personalised service and of course all the benefits that Abahana Villas provides to maximise profits for its MEMBER-OWNERS, but also the possibility to SAVE and all within in the context of a SECURE long-term INVESTMENT.  Due to the large number of owner/members who have placed their trust in our strategy, Abahana villas offers the possibility of providing your villa with a wide range of resources, services and highly qualified specialists and in turn achieves the most competitive prices. This is a determining factor in our success.  To achieve this, we provide you with special services and interventions from the very first day.

  • a)    Detailed valuation report on the property to determine and improve its rating. b)    Personalised tax study, completely free of charge. c)    From the third rental year, depending on the time the property has been rented, Abahana Villas offers free pool maintenance. d)    Specialist insurance to cover all types of risk at a very competitive price. e)    Professional maintenance and repairs at a very low price. f)    Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your property. g)    Incident reports and interventions with photographic details, at no extra cost. h)    A constantly updated and improved technological system to provide reassurance and monitoring of your property at all times. i)    A database of thousands of former guests who may be interested in buying your property. j)    A highly competent team, bringing together experience, dynamism and high ethical and moral standards, offering reliability, honesty and frankness.
That is not possible. Abahana Villas exclusively manages the year's rental calendar for your property. This ensures we avoid overbooking problems.

It is advisable to choose a multi-year contract. This allows Abahana Villas to have a long-term view of your villa and ensures we are able to perform additional maintenance tasks and valuations.   What is more, for clients requesting a three-year contract, we can offer special conditions for our services.   However, it is also possible, and indeed some owners prefer, to renew the contract every year allowing them to decide each year whether to continue renting the property. The contract is renewed automatically each year, unless you inform us in writing before 1 June each year.

Of course. Renting and selling at the same time are not incompatible, on the contrary, if you are currently renting your villa then selling is quick and easy.   Thanks to the excellent relationships we have built up over the years with the guests who rent Abahana Villas properties, we can now boast a large database of potential clients, who may be interested in buying their dream property on the Costa Blanca. We have years of experience in offering a professional service.    At the same time, buyers coming through Abahana Villas have many extra advantages; if they wish to rent their future home or use it as an investment they can do so directly through us from the first week, it's very easy.  What is more, don't forget the satisfaction of providing your buyer with a profitable property in perfect condition and lovingly maintained.

Of course. We perform exhaustive cleaning and quality control checks at the end of each stay. We are also on hand to personally deal with any incidents which your guests may inform us about during their stay.   Finally, our maintenance team provides a preventative maintenance plan for each property, including two annual checks on the critical control points established for each property.

Of course! You can continue to enjoy your villa at any time you wish, by mutual agreement Let us know the dates you require, the only costs involved will be if you require cleaning or other support services. The only thing we require is advance notice. Obviously, dates for personal use cannot coincide with dates when the villa is rented. We recommend not booking dates for personal use between April and October, as this will substantially affect your income if your property is not available during weeks when it would normally be rented.

The owner should inform our booking team of the dates they wish to use the property via email: info@abahanavillas.com or by telephone +34.965.874540 so that the chosen dates can be blocked out on the villa rental calendar.

Yes. Abahana Villas uses an advanced system for managing rentals and offers the possibility of consulting occupation, income generated and maintenance carried out on the property. Sign into your private area using your user name and password.

We recommend that wherever possible owners remove or store their personal belongings. Our housekeeper can advise on which items should be provided as part of the rental and which are not necessary. In general, we recommend that any objects of high-value or which would be difficult to replace are removed and alternatives provided which are quick and easy to replace.

All amounts specified in the contract include VAT.

From 2016, Spanish legislation levies taxes of 19% on income from renting a property (24% if you declare your residence to be a non-European Union country).  However, under Spanish tax law, it is possible to deduct costs incurred in renting a property as well as 3% of the construction value of the property each year. This means the net cost from income tax is greatly reduced.   Abahana Villas offers a personalised study of the client's situation so that before agreeing to the contract he/she is aware of the costs involved for his/her specific case.

All payments to owners are made by bank transfer. Payments relating to bookings for your property are paid under the agreed terms, either monthly, quarterly or upon guest departure.

Bank transfers can be made to accounts in any country, meaning it is not necessary to open a Spanish bank account. However, we recommend opening a Spanish bank account for villa maintenance as this will reduce management costs for both your income and outgoings relating to your villa.

Abahana Villas can provide high-quality pool and garden maintenance at a very competitive price.
The photographs of your villa are taken by Abahana Villas' professional photographer. We use a professional with many year's experience in order to get the most out of your property.

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