Owner's FAQ

Abahana Villas offers a truly 360º service for your property:

  • Complete management of holiday rentals.
    • Pemanent reception offices for guests in Calpe and Moraira.
    • Villa cleaning service before, during and at the guest's departure.
    • High Quality bed linen and towels available for guests.
    • Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools and gardens.
    • Permanent customer service.
    • Quality Control of the Villas before, during and after the stays.
  • Upkeep, maintenance and repair of facilities.
  • Real estate purchase-sale.
  • Investment.
  • Tax management of rentals and purchase sales.
  • Insurance.
  • Decoration and reforms. 
  • Property management.

Our level of occupancy and profitability of properties is the highest in the sector. This fact can be verified by comparing the occupied and available villas with those of different tourist rental agencies on the Costa Blanca. 

Since 1999, the year in which Abahana Villas began its journey, occupancy in high season has always fluctuated between 90% and 100%, while in mid-season the percentage of occupancy ranges between 50% and 80%. according to the demand of each week. 

It is important to note that even in the crisis of the years 2008 to 2012 and the summer seasons of 2020 and 2021 (global pandemic) , the level of demand remained within the ranges indicated above. 

It is common for clients, usually middle-aged and from Central European and Nordic countries, to book our properties during the months of November to April, seeking a mild climate compared to that of their countries of origin.

The high occupancy levels of the company are achieved thanks to our excellent website in continuous evolution, a powerful technology team, a large multilingual reservation team available 7 days a week, a powerful network of international tour operators, as well as a high annual investment in SEO positioning, and a valuable base of recurring clients (more than 30,000) of Abahana Villas, who trust us year after year.

This is highly unlikely! The fixed prices are established with parameters that determine a "rating", (such as the stars of a hotel), and using our statistical data on occupancy (since 1999) lead us to eliminate possible risks and obtain a high degree of reliability.
In the event that your villa has a lower occupancy than expected, our team will develop an active campaign on your property to promote its occupancy in the shortest possible time, systematically.

If it is essential for you to have total security regarding the profitability of your villa and a method of payment that is appropriate to your needs, you can ask us to study the possibility of offering you a guaranteed rate, with very specific payments, even in advance.

The owners directly assume the cost generated by the housing supplies such as water, electricity, internet, home insurance and civil liability, cleaning and maintenance of the pool and garden, as well as the cost of natural wear and tear on the home.

The cost of electricity and gas, although it is borne  by the owner, receives compensation from Abahana Villas, for energy use of air conditioning and heating that tends to neutralize, and sometimes exceed the real cost borne.

We understand that each owner is a PARTNER of Abahana Villas and as such, must have the maximum guarantees of profitability, the best personalized service and of course all those advantages that Abahana Villas has managed to gather around it to maximize the income of its PARTNERS- OWNERS, but also to REDUCE COSTS, and all this in a SAFE and long-term ENVIRONMENT.

Due to the large number of partner-owners who have trusted our strategy, Abahana Villas allows you to gather around you many more resources, services and extremely competent specialists and achieves the most competitive prices. This is decisive in our success.

To do this, we put special services and actions at your disposal from day one.

  • Owner area on our website with information on reservations and management of the Villa.
  • Specialized insurance that covers all types of risks at low cost.
  • Professional maintenance and repairs with low costs.
  • Control and continuous conservation of the property.
  • Reports of incidents and actions.
  • A continuously improved technological system that conveys peace of mind and control of your property at all times.
  • A database of thousands of guests interested in a possible property purchase.
  • An organizational structure, resources and people, focused on being able to offer guests high-quality customer service and attention, and multiple additional services.
  • A team of extremely competent people that combines experience, dynamism and high ethical and moral standards, always reflecting reliability and honesty.

No, Abahana Villas exclusively manages the rental schedule for each villa.

Multi-year contracting is always recommended. This allows Abahana Villas to have a long-term perspective of your villa and thus be able to carry out additional maintenance and recovery tasks on it.

In addition, in the event that you request a 3-year contract, we will offer you special conditions for our services.

Of course, renting and selling at the same time are not incompatible, on the contrary, thanks to renting, selling is easier and faster.

Thanks to the proximity and trust that we have created over the years with the guests of our rental villas, Abahana Villas today has a wide and invaluable base of potential clients who want to have a home, a dream, a unique project on the Costa Blanca. . We have been our professionalism at your service for years.

At the same time, if these buyers wish to rent and make their future home or investment profitable, they can do so directly with us from the first week.

Of course! We carry out a cleaning at the end of each stay, reviews and intermediate cleaning. In addition, we plan and carry out various  quality controls  by our team,  to maintain the high level of demands on the part of our guests, and intervene in your home every time any type of incident arises that occurs in it.

Of course! You can send us the dates of your reservations, which will only cost you if you hire a support service. We just need you to give us enough advance notice to plan properly.

Obviously, your home will need to be available (not booked)  for the chosen dates. 

The owner must notify our Reservations team via email: info@abahanavillas.com or by phone +34 965 87 45 40, they will respond to your request as quickly as possible and confirm the blocking of your personal dates whenever may be possible.

Yes. Abahana Villas has an advanced rental management system accessible from your computer or mobile phone and offers you the possibility of easily checking the occupancy status of your property, the income generated, the actions carried out in your home, as well as downloading the invoices that we issue of your income and possible expenses derived, for example, from the contracted services.

You just have to connect to your private area using the username and password that is assigned to each owner.

Our Quality Control Manager can advise you on the objects and utensils that should be in the villa and those that are not necessary.

Spanish legislation taxes from the year 2016 the income of owners for the lease of their property with 19% (24% if they declare their residence in a country that is not part of the European Union). 

At Abahana Villas we offer you a personalized study of your situation so that before contracting you have a good approximation of the fiscal cost that it will have in your specific case.

Owners receive payments always and in full by bank transfer.

The payments of the prices related to the reservations already made are paid with the agreed frequency, generally quarterly.

Bank transfers can be made to accounts in any country, as long as they include the BIC-SWFIT code.

Abahana Villas offers you the management of your pool and garden with an excellent level of service and at a very competitive price.

We work with a new process to control the state of your pool and garden by our quality control team in addition to that carried out by our team of pool and gardeners, to respond to the notable increase in the level of demand from guests and tour operators.

The photographic report of your villa own professional photographer Abahana Villas' who, both because of the professional technical team he uses and because of his level and accumulated experience, will make the most of your property visually.

Contact us

You can contact us 9:00 to 22:00 h on telephone number:

You can send an email to us at this address:


Calpe office:

Avda. Jaime I El Conquistador, nº31.
03710 Calpe, Alicante

+34 965 874 540
+34 965 838 233
+34 638 948 094 (Emergency)

Our Calpe Check-in office in Calpe will be permanently open for this service, we appreciate you specifying the time of your arrival with the Reservations team.

Moraira office:

Centro Comercial Moravit. Carretera Moraira-Calpe, nº 306
03724 Moraira, Alicante

+34 965 595 615
+34 608 580 870 (Emergency)

Our Calpe Check-in office in Moraira will be permanently open for this service, we appreciate you specifying the time of your arrival with the Reservations team.