Abahana Villas - La Fossa beach in Calpe on the Northern Costa Blanca.
Abahana Villas - La Fossa beach in Calpe on the Northern Costa Blanca.

Our goal is that your stay is as special as we have offered to all our guests so far, so there are some aspects that we must take into account.


Our entire team has received specific training in prevention measures against COVID-19, with specific content and developed by our prevention service.
In addition, we have developed a protocol of preventive guidelines, adapting the spaces in our offices, as well as developed new guidelines for safety and hygiene in the processes by legal requirement and compliance, following the recommendations of official bodies and tourist organizations.

In the adaptation of these measures, the continuous availability for our Human Team of protection material such as masks and gloves, the use of sanitizing products, and cleaning and disinfection products of our facilities and vehicles, with virucidal components authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health for its proven effectiveness against the virus, complying with the UNE-EN 14476 standard for chemical antiseptics and disinfectants.

We also have new guidelines for daily cleaning and disinfection of office spaces, as well as an increase in the frequency of cleaning by professional teams.

Months ago we developed this project of preventive measures and we have been very exhaustive with it in order to make your stay safe, and to be able to guide you in a simple way in what you need, offering the peace of mind of having put in place everything necessary for it.


  Our Check-in offices will be open exclusively for this service, so it is essential that you specify with the Reservations team the time of your arrival.

  To expedite the Check in process, only the HOLDER of the Reservation with all the guest documentation prepared will access the office. If there are guests waiting to check-in, we recommend that only the HOLDER wait his turn, always keeping the safety distance.

  We have minimized the capacity in the offices so that we can only attend a number of Check-in processes at a time. If your arrival is on Saturday, you will probably have to wait outside until the previous guest leaves the office to check-in.

  All our staff will wear a mask during Check-in and there is a protective screen at the counter to minimize contact, but also for security and regulations, we ask that, following the guidelines, you also use a mask to interact with our staff inside the office.

  Upon entering our office you have hydroalcoholic gel at your disposal for you to use before reaching the counter, as well as a trash can with pedal and lid in case you need to discard any paper or material.

  As a preventive measure, the keys to the villas will be sanitized after each use, and will be delivered packaged with an adhesive closure.

  If you had to manage any type of payment to request an extra not contemplated in the initial reservation, we ask you to do it by card.

  The exit from the office, you will have to do it on the opposite side to the one that the next guest is waiting to enter. In this way we can respect the safety distance at all times.


For any problem or incident during your stay, you can locate our Team on the phone number:

  +34 96 587 45 40 

  Remember that our Team is only in our offices when they have to carry out a Check-in, so it is better to find us by calling or sending an email to . We will assist you and try to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time.

If our Team has to pay attention in the Villa, in the event of any incident or need that you have informed us about, they will take the established prevention measures of distance and use of a mask.


From the Quality Control Department and in collaboration with our collaborating Cleaning Teams and our Occupational Risk Prevention service, we have developed a specific Protocol to ensure the tranquility of all our guests. The purpose of this is to provide the guidelines and directives necessary for the correct cleaning and sanitation of our villas and to adequately manage prevention for our cleaning equipment and facilities.


Our service providers, such as maintenance and cleaning of swimming pools and gardens, or others, have been informed of the preventive measures that they must carry out during their service visits to the Villas.

During your stay, some of these providers may make a service visit. Our recommendation is that you maintain social distance while it happens.


Above all, we want you to have a unique holiday, although reality means that we have to follow the necessary preventive measures.

It is important that you inform us directly if any case of contagion occurs in the guests of the Villa during your stay, because in Abahana, we would have to implement our protocols in case of close contact, for our staff and collaborators.

In addition, from the website of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain, you can obtain all the updated information in English and French (select language) about the Coronavirus in the country:

And also, you can find information materials in other languages (English, French, German, Russian, among others): htm

To report a case with symptoms and receive instructions on what to do, the phone is:

  +900 300 555


We want to offer you the peace of mind that in Abahana we have taken the necessary measures to make your stay unique and safe.