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How can I make an intelligent investment? The profit lies in the purchase.

There are different ways of investing in the real-estate market. Not for nothing, the most conventional yield comes from buying and then selling a property. Abahana Villas can offer you much more than that:

An excellent investment through a better-than-average yield thanks to a good initial choice, that allows for an easy re-sale in the future. We also offer income from the very first day thanks to an exceptional tenant conversion, without you having to worry about anything at all.

Because this it is precisely the segment in which Abahana Villas specializes.

The Abahana Villas investment strategy is based on the following principle: High dividends on a solid, safe and flexible base.

A solid investment

Thanks to the professional counsel of Abahana Villas, based on an in-depth knowledge of the region and its specific economic situation, you can acquire an excellent property at less than market price.
A property which, on account of its special situation (near to the beach perhaps), its charm (its magnificent views) or its architectural style, has a superior re-sale value as well as a solid rental potential.

The interval between purchasing and selling is up to you. Our objective is to sell the property at market value when you decide to sell. You will obtain the CAPITAL GAIN, which is the difference between the buying price and the selling price.  

A safe investment

It is your equity, protect its capital. Abahana Villas offers the security of being able to rent, maintain and manage your property without any need for you to worry about anything at all (visit our owners zone).

We guarantee a 100% safe yield, in writing and irrespective of the property's occupation. Furthermore, in the event of re-sale, guests will not be affected by the change in ownership. 

Any income generated by renting the property covers the cost of maintenance, management and taxes, and at the same time, it generates REVENUE

This revenue, together with the capital gain, forms the TOTAL PROFIT FROM YOUR INVESTMENT.

A flexible investment

Abahana Villas guarantees an optimal yield and much more.

We help you to choose the property that is best suited to your requirements without forgetting capital gain, revenue and management. But there's more:

Due to the important number of investors who have placed their trust in this strategy, Abahana Villas is able to call on many more resources, services and extremely competent specialists, and it achieves the most competitive prices. This is a determining factor in our success. 

Once an investor has become an owner, he or she is considered by Abahana Villas as a partner, so much so that they profit directly and from the outset, from all the possibilities of said realignment. This economic dimension adds value to your investment and great flexibility in the face of all manner of needs.

Visit our help center for guests and owners to learn more and answer any questions.

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