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Andalucia Fair in Calpe

Calpe's "Casa de Andalucía" has organized this regional fair in classic Andalusian style since 1966. For a full week in mid-July, riding and dressage, sound and light shows, musical performances and dance groups brighten up the summer evenings with the most popular traditions and customs from the South of Spain.

Calpe's Plaza Mayor is where, on opening day, the fair lights are switched on by the Adult and Infant Queens of the town's "House of Andalusia". This act is followed by a visit by the Authorities to the stalls that have been set up for the occasion in the fair ground.Then all present can enjoy tastings of Andalusian products and a carousel of artistic performance, all touched by the special "duende" magic of Andalusia. Dancers, singers and guitar players perform in perfect harmony, much to the delight of who love Andalusia and its traditions.

For all those who enjoy typical Andalusian fare, the Official Stall of the House of Andalusia in Calpe puts on a traditional meal in which recipes such as the ever-popular gazpacho take pride of place on the table. This is a good place to try "rebujito", a typical drink that combines traditional Manzanilla sherry with lemonade. The "rebujito" is sponsored by the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the "Rocío de la Cava".

Many other enjoyable activities await those who visit the fair ground.Demonstrations of and classes in Latin dances such as salsa, bachata or cha cha cha, among others, not to mention Oriental dances, are to the fore in this fair which attracts dance lovers from all over Calpe and its region. Not to be missed are the Fellowship meals ("comidas de Hermandad") in which Andalusians who live in the region and people who are enamoured by that land can meet and exchange stories and impressions. The official closing ceremony brings this event to an end, an event that no lover of Andalusia should even dream of missing.

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Oktoberfest in Calpe

One of Calpe's most emblematic and entertaining festivities takes place over eleven days in October: the Oktoberfest. In actual fact, the Calpe Oktoberfest holds the distinction of being the largest and also the first such event ever to be held in our country. Back in 1988, a group of German residents in Calpe got together.